To develop transformational and change leadership for the development of economy, industry and society requires that CES develops deep industry engagement. CES strives hard for obtaining concrete output from industry engagements and international/national collaborations and linkages.

Over the last 20 years, IoBM has produced over 8000 graduates who are now at senior and prominent positions at the top organizations in Pakistan and the world. Engagement with alumni is a crucial link in the development of an institution and involves work on various projects including their participation which is vigorously sought at various academic platforms.


The industry collaboration consists of seminars, workshops, training sessions, industry consultancy. It also consists of collaboration with industry on Final Year Projects and MSc thesis work.

There is a strong emphasis on building on alumni networks, partner universities and professional societies. Collaboration on National level Funding Proposals include identifying thematic areas where engineering excellence in par with industrial collaboration is welcome.

IoBM has over 50 MOUs with universities for academic exchange. These include Industrial and Production Engineering as well as Telecommunication and Industry Management. Click here for more detail

There is a strong alumni presence which promotes strong linkages with government firms, banks and leading HR consultancies fosters growth prospects of students leading to employment prospects. This consists of Guest Lectures by Industry Experts, Professional workshops and networking liaison. More on Alumni Internship and Placement Department can be found here.

Foreign Collaborations

IoBM has over 50 MoU’s with foreign universities for sharing of experiences and mutual learning.

S.No. Name of Expert Date of Arrival Date of Departure Specialization Field Host
1. Dr. Gunter Langer
2nd visit
Industrial and Production Engineering Dr. Ejaz Ahmed
Dr. Irshad Khan
2. Dr. Ludwig Fissenewert
2nd visit
3rd visit
Business Process and Re-engineering Dr. Irshad Khan
3. Mr. JuergenGau 16-03-2013 19-04-2013 Industrial & Electrical Engineering Dr. M. Irshad Khan
Ms. Seema Ansari
4. Dr. Walter Wolfgang Eckhard 18-06-2013 12-07-2013 Industrial Engineering & Technical I.T. Dr. Ejaz Ahmed
Dr. M. Irshad Khan
5. Prof. Dr. Volkmar Bruckner 12-01-2014 07-02-2014 Telecommunication Ms. Seema Ansari
6. Mr. Stephan Lukatsch 16-03-2014 04-04-2014 Industrial Maintenance & Safety and Project Management Dr. M. Irshad Khan
7. Prof. Dr. Javier Poncela            -             - Telecommunication / Industrial Management Ms. Seema Ansari

  • Course projects provide opportunity to students to engage with the industry for the development of students’ academic and professional skills.
  • “Executive Education and Consultancy” focuses on providing the faculty the needed feedback from the industry on their intellectual contributions and the development of industry relevant content.
  • Linkages through experiential learning projects provide opportunities of faculty and students to extensively interact with the industry through projects in each course.
  • EMEC and Executive Training's provide a platform that develops the teaching and interactive skills of the faculty through high quality interactions with executives.
  • R&D projects funded by various donors and agencies would enable faculty to work on concrete projects.
  • Editorial boards of magazines and journals.
  • Representation on industry bodies, participation in associations and other bodies enables engagement over a wide spectrum from research intensive to more policy oriented interactions such as Management Association of Pakistan (MAP), Marketing Association of Pakistan, Employers Federation of Pakistan, Institute of Corporate Governance, ICMA, CFA, CIMA, ICAP, etc.
  • Case Studies for developing a real life exposure to the issues and the problems in the industry.
  • Sharing of Experiences Talks (SET) Series is a platform for the regular dissemination of industry experiences to students and also for sharing leading edge research to the research students.

This center has the objective of making at least 20-30% of our graduates as job creators instead of job seekers.

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