Mind Sparks

Society of Eglence and Technology is famous for all the activities related to the field of technology and research within IoBM and also it has emerged among the top 3 societies of the institute within a few months. The society has played a vital role in creating opportunities for the students to get themselves aware of the practical application and the corporate and business world outside. Not only this but SET has always tried to be the innovator and hence has been successful in accomplishing with the best.

SET organized a seminar naming MindSpark last month headed by Ms. Seema Ansari where entrepreneurs related with the field of technology were invited to share their ideas and insights pertaining to their respective fields. The best graduates were invited as guest speakers to communicate and tell the people about their findings through projects and entrepreneur skills. The panel of the speakers consisted of the following

  • TajwarIqbal
  • ZeenatAnjum
  • UzairArshad
  • MeherSaigol
  • MurtazaKarim

The event was started with the qirat followed by a brief description of the event from Ms. Seema Ansari and Dr. Adeel Ansari. The speakers later showcased the next generation of technology & innovation. The audience was inspired, amazed and educated on how evolving technologies will impact businesses in the future. The speakers shared their experiences of how they had to face the world immediately after their graduation and on what things should students focus. The audience was privileged to see the projects of the speakers, also they told about what challenges they had to face while conducting their research and projects. The audience had an interactive session since mostly students were present in the seminar so they had a lot of things to learn from the speakers.

At the end of the seminar, certificates, shields and gifts were given by Ms. Seema Ansari to the speakers and later volunteers were also given the certificates for organizing a successful event. The speakers and faculties were served lunch by the SET volunteers and group session was held at the end.